As a sportswear brand, we have concluded that it is practically imposible to be a truly sustainable brand. We work as hard as we can to be a responsible company but our main barrier is the material needed to make performance clothing: polyester

This material comes from petroleum and the process to dye and manufacture is very polluting. Only chemical dyes work with polyester, tons of water are wasted in the process and you need to manufacture huge quantities to make it profitable. Even if the fabrics are recycled / sustainable / ethical

We have decided to focus on different ways we can pursue sustainability as a brand: Improve the quality and durability of our products, continue manufacturing in Spain (we have a very small carbon footprint), use the most environmentally friendly packaging posible, preache a responsable way of cycling...

As cyclist and athletes, we are responsible to take care of the environment we very much enjoy and interact with

Therefore we will continue to promote our ‘Ride Sustainable’ philosophy and values but through truth and transparency

EST. 2018, MAD